GermanTech MotorWorks Service Concierge

Scheduled Maintenance

Oil services, fluid and filter changes, etc.

Maintenance is "planned" making it easier to schedule in advance...

Scheduled Repairs

Valve covers, oil pan gaskets, brakes, suspension repairs, etc. If you’re calling to schedule previously recommended but not yet completed items, we try to schedule these similar to maintenance as they can be planned ahead. Obviously if something has changed requiring more immediate attention, we are happy to work it in sooner.

Urgent Triage

  • Includes initial diagnosis of 1-2 hours...
  • If lengthy repairs that can wait, reschedule for 1-2 weeks later.
  • If lengthy repairs that can’t wait or if it’s a quick repair, we will work it in as quick as we can.

Manufacturer Recall (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Audi, Porsche, Subaru)

When combined with other service or repair, GermanTech MotorWorks will handle transporting customer vehicles to corresponding dealers (excluding MINI until they bring back a Louisville dealer) for Manufacturer Recall Work.

Scheduling is based on dealer availability and we are at the mercy of the dealer.