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With a combined staff experience of over 100 years, our Factory Trained technicians with certified tools and equipment are
why we are “The Dealer Alternative” in Louisville when it comes to your German car.


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Expert Support

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We are “The Dealer Alternative” for your German Car


It’s been said, “It’s cheaper to maintain them than it is to fix them.” A car is like most things in life; if neglected they will deteriorate, become unreliable, break down, and put you in a bad situation. At GermanTech MotorWorks we can’t stress enough the importance of vehicle maintenance using the right parts and procedures and we will help you maintain it according to your specific plan for the vehicle… These are all questions that every car owner should know and share with us. We want to build you the most optimal plan to achieve the goals you have in mind. The worst thing you can do is to put off maintenance and problems until they pile up into a list that takes thousands of dollars to rebuild. Why? Because then you’re stuck with a car that is in shambles and is also worth near nothing to potential buyers as a result. Let us help you keep it maintained so that everything works as designed regardless of the number of miles on the odometer. By mapping out the required maintenance and heading off the common issues with your model, you can save thousands in repairs that may have been prevented in the first place. We also have financing available if needed and maintaining/repairing is usually still much more affordable than buying a new car.


In a perfect world, all good things would last forever. That said, we all know that’s not how life works. The next best thing is to know that you have a team of trained experts to help you with your problems when they do arise. Reliable people looking out for your best interest and doing quality work at a reasonable price. Any repairs performed by GermanTech MotorWorks also carry a two year warranty on parts and workmanship. You can also rest assured that in the event of an emergency, you can always bring the vehicle to us without an appointment. We have a night drop box next to the front door and we will do our best to get you worked in as quick as possible, without sacrificing quality, of course.


If you’re like most of us, you will spend over 6,500 hours of your lifetime driving. A lot of people don’t give this much thought and are happy with a reliable car that suits their needs, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this; however, there are others who want more from their daily commute. They enjoy the winding roads, the lone straight stretches, different wheels, and modifying various other features. If you are one of these people, you are not alone and we can help. We have relationships with many vendors who we work with daily to provide upgrades of all kinds for our customers. Some of these include: Steve Dinan’s Carbahn, Malone Tuning, BM3, MaxPSI and Tire Rack. Whether you know exactly what you want and simply need assistance installing, or you have an idea of what you want but would like to discuss options, we can help.

Why Clients Love Us

Brian Reed

I’ve worked with owner John Kephart for years and trust him with my BMWs and Mini. He knows his stuff, but just as important you can trust him! Highly recommend.

Brian Reed - verified client
Rafael Cotto

Took our 1990SL with a soft top that wouldn’t close. They were able to figure out the problem and got the top working by replacing a group of parts that were bent. Other than having to wait a week for some of the parts to arrive from Germany the car got repair quickly. Fair price for good accurate service!

Rafael Cotto - verified client
Josh Charlet

Right tool for the job! These guys are professionals, dealer quality experience at a better price. Great customer service too. I highly recommend you give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Josh Charlet - verified client
Evan Zeh

Great guys, great work. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I’ll be taking all my cars to them from now on. Thanks guys!

Evan Zeh - verified user
Carrie Mackenzie

This mechanic shop is in a great location, right off Hurstbourne/Plantside area. I feel like I can trust them not to rip me off when giving me advice about my car. I definitely will call them again if I need any work done on my BMW. This place provided a second opinion & $800 saved – I’m glad I got it.
When I took my car in, they provided clear information & I had my car back in no time. I will recommend them to anyone I know that drives a BMW, Benz or Mini.

Carrie Mackenzie - verified user
Trip Fetter

Great job on service and detail for my 2014 E350cabrio. These guys are still the best

Trip Fetter - verified user
Mason Meredith

Friendly, honest, and well-done service

Mason Meredith - verified user
Sandra Moore

Was greatly pleased with service!! Will certainly return for future needs! Thanks

Sandra Moore - verified user
Larry Johnson

Great service, very knowledgeable staff.

Larry Johnson - verified user
Yousuf Shaik

I took my 2016 BMW M4 for the crank hub upgrade and wanted to get it done asap. because this was a very huge service 16 hrs+ Customer service was 10/10. i was seriously impressed with their work specially the mechanic that worked on my car his name was John, He was a really cool guy knew a lot about performance upgrades and etc. i felt very comfortable dropping my car off at German tech. they have Certified Mechanics.. most importantly they have fair prices i am definitely going back again for upgrading the turbos. they didnt charge me with NO BS! fees or extras fees. everything was reasonable. I Probably think this is one of the best Auto work in the city hands down. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! 10/10. AMAZING!

Yousuf Shaik - verified user
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