Tire Services in Louisville, KY

At GermanTech MotorWorks, we are here to help when your German vehicle needs new tires or tire services. We provide the tire maintenance necessary to ensure that your tires last and perform at their best. We can also help you install new tires when needed, and can advise on what tires are best for your vehicle and driving habits.

At our Louisville, KY car repair shop, we offer tire mounting, tire balancing, and tire rotations. Balancing and rotations are important when it comes to ensuring that each tire wears down evenly and simultaneously, that way you can replace your tires as a set rather than individually. We also provide wheel alignments using our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your wheels are set to the correct angles to ensure optimal performance.

If your vehicle needs a new set of tires, we invite you to stop by our shop or give us a call for help. We typically encourage our customers to purchase tires directly from TireRack.com. They have great prices and include a road hazard warranty on purchases. Plus, they can ship the tires directly to our shop, so that we can easily mount your tires when they arrive.

When you need tire services in Louisville, KY, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals here at GermanTech MotorWorks for further assistance.