It’s been said, “It’s cheaper to maintain them than it is to fix them.” A car is like most things in life; if neglected they will deteriorate, become unreliable, break down, and put you in a bad situation. At GermanTech MotorWorks we can’t stress the importance of your plan enough. Do you want to sell the car next month? Do you want to make the car last just two more years? Do you want the car to make it to 300k miles? Do you want your car to make 500whp and be a daily driver? These are all questions that every car owner should know and share with us. We want to build you the most optimal plan to achieve the goals you have in mind. The worst thing you can do is to put off maintenance and problems until they pile up into a list that takes thousands of dollars to rebuild. Why? Because then you’re stuck with a car that is in shambles and is also worth absolutely nothing to potential buyers as a result. Let us help you keep it maintained so that everything works as designed regardless of the number of miles on the odometer. By mapping out the required maintenance and heading off the common issues with your model, you will save thousands in repairs that may have been preventable in the first place. We also have financing available if needed. This is usually still much more affordable than buying a new car.

Some Common Maintenance Items We Perform Include:

  • Oil services
  • Transmission services
  • DSG and SMG transmission services
  • Transfer Case Services
  • Differential services
  • Tires
  • Alignments
  • Brakes
  • Brake system flush
  • Spark plugs
  • Fuel filters
  • Air filter replacements
  • Coolant flushes (including distilled water)
  • Mercedes Benz flex services (Service A, B, and C)
  • Carbon cleaning/removal (where applicable)
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Vehicle software updates
  • Timing belt service
  • Glow plug replacement
  • Inspection of vehicles under factory warranty
  • Pre-purchase vehicle inspection
  • Advising customers on how to spend their hard-earned money most effectively