Does GermanTech work on all makes?

We do not; we specialize in BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, and Subaru Performance models. In addition, we do a lot of maintenance and light repairs on Porsche, Toyota / Lexus, and Honda / Acura.

I can't get there before you close. / Can I pick up my car after you close?

Of course! We have a secure after-hours lock box for your convenience with 8 lock boxes that are set up with personalized codes to secure your key. This is safer than locking the key inside the vehicle or hiding the key on a tire or under the mat. This after-hours and night drop box is located inside our building that is climate-controlled and available 24 hours per day.

*Some restrictions do apply, please inquire within.

Can I drop my car off after you close?

Yes, we have a secure night drop box with pens and envelopes inside to document the needs of the visit. Please make sure you sign the envelope and we will get your vehicle checked in next business day.

*The same goes for after-hours pickups with our night drop box being location inside our building and climate controlled with 24 hour access.

Will GermanTech install parts if I provide them (most places won't)?

With some exceptions, yes. Please keep in mind, we are unable to offer any warranties on customer-supplied-parts; that would be handled with your supplier; this can sometimes result in the customer paying twice for labor if a part failed or arrives "DOA" (dead on arrival). We also have a slightly higher labor rate for these situations and we do reserve the right to refuse installation of some customer-supplied-parts. There is no Express or Implied warranty for these situations. Oftentimes, our customers see more value in having us complete the repairs with our supplied parts to take advantage of the warranty and have a greater peace of mind.

Why should I bring my car there instead of the other 10 Euro shops in Louisville?

With our experience, knowledge, and expertise, we feel we are the strongest player in our market. And unlike other shops, we feel we just have a unique way of conducting business that is considered a constant work-in-progress since the late 1990s. With that said, we also believe that as long as you are comfortable with the shop performing the work, and said shop is truly  qualified working your make of vehicle, simply having a Euro-specific shop work on your car is an important step in properly maintaining your car.

What warranty do you offer with repairs?

Most of our repairs carry our unmatched 3 year/40k mile warranty (whichever occurs first). Some parts do have more limited warranties which will be communicated during the estimating process.

Does GermanTech do body work?

GermanTech PaintWorks is officially underway… While we specialize in custom paint and body work, we do see a lot of smaller jobs such as bumper covers, spoilers, mirror caps, etc. and happy to help you take care of those mishaps. While we are capable of handling larger, structural repairs, do our size limitation and lack of a frame rack, we will not be doing any structure work where a frame rack might be required.

Can you guys do OE warranty work and recalls?

Only manufacturer dealers can perform factory warranty work and recalls. However, we are happy to help facilitate warranty and recall work with the local dealer (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen) as part of our GermanTech MotorWorks Service Concierge program. We also work with most aftermarket warranty companies and service contracts to help you get the most out of your investment; inquire within if you are unsure of what you have. As for MINI factory warranty work and recalls, we are unable to help facilitate those events as the nearest dealer is in Cincinnati. 

What is the GermanTech Motor Works Service Concierge Program?

Nationwide Warranty & Roadside Assistance

Towing and Roadside Assistance is available nationwide, please call 866.924.3668 for assistance. Towing is reimbursed up to $150 through the program; save your receipts if you have already paid for a tow and didn't utilize the roadside assitance option.

If you are traveling outside of our area and need assistance with repairs, please call 866.588.0728 for repair shop options and they will help point in the right direction to another Technnet-affiliated shop that can process any applicable warranty repairs.