Custom Paint & Body

When it comes to custom paint and body, it seems as if there are body shops/collision centers on every corner. While we will work with insurance companies for light collision work, we are focusing on smaller jobs that can be completed quickly without you having to wait many weeks or months being in line behind major collision repair jobs at larger collision centers. We also do a lot of custom work including fender flares, spoilers, splitters, and diffusers. We even are happy to fully repaint your vehicle either the same color, or a different color, your choice.

There are also instances where PDR (paintless dent repair) is desired but some of the paint has broken or cracked. We can work with your PDR company after that repair has been performed to follow up with the paint repair. While “touch-ups” are never as good as a full repair as most touch-ups can still be seen, oftentimes customers are happy to save some money while also having an “improved” appearance even if it’s not absolutely perfect.

Common Paint & Body Work Repairs We Do Regularly Include:

  • Bumper Cover Repairs
  • Bumper Cover Replacement
  • Mirror and Mirror Cap Replacement
  • Minor "Fender-Bender" Accident Repairs
  • Fender Flare Installation & Paint
  • Full Re-Paint, Custom or Otherwise