Winter Car Essentials

During the coldest months in Louisville, KY, it is important to prepare yourself for any type of emergency on the road. Storing a winter emergency car kit can give you the reassurance you need for the potential hazards or situations you may face. Whether you’re stuck in a snowstorm or have a flat tire, here is everything you may need. We broke them down into three categories.

Cold/Winter Essentials

Your well-being matters, so you should always have a stash of blankets, gloves, hats, and boots to stay cozy. It will come in handy when you have to check on your car in the cold. Additionally, it's also essential to keep an ice scraper and snow brush to easily clear your windshield and windows when you’re in a rush. Last but not least, keep a rope and some kitty litter or a similar substance in your trunk. If your car, SUV, or truck gets stuck in the snow, it can help provide extra traction.

Vehicle Parts and Tools

Of course, you can’t forget about the car tools that can help you year-round – flashlight, road flares, jumper cables, multi-tool, tire pressure gauge, flat tire kit. Most often than not, most people will need to jump start their vehicle this time of the year as dead car batteries become a widespread problem. Additionally, we recommend carrying extra windshield wiper fluid. It will keep your windscreen clear for optimal visibility. Just make sure that the solution has a low freezing point, so it does not freeze the fluid lines. 

Health and Nutritional Items

Last but not least, feel free to carry some protein bars, trail mix, nuts, and dried fruit to keep you energized on the road. These non-perishable items will keep you on your toes if your car breaks down for a long period of time. Also, please carry a first-aid kit just in case you or a passenger gets ill or injured on the road.

We hope this blog helps you craft an emergency car kit that can help you this winter. If you need seasonal maintenance or repairs, we welcome you to GermanTech Motorworks! Please give us a call or schedule your appointment online today.