What is an Oil Pan Gasket?

Your car engine comprises many, many parts that all work to ensure your car runs smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Most vehicles have an oil pan that holds all the motor oil before it gets circulated throughout the engine to lubricate and cool its parts. And a crucial part that we will discuss today is the oil pan gasket.

What Is An Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan gasket is a seal or separator that prevents oil from leaking out. As we all know, engine oil is constantly moving, making it very susceptible to leaks. Fortunately, oil pan gaskets are made of heavy-duty metals and rubber so that they can be resistant to extreme heat and intense pressure. 

How to Tell If You Have a Damaged and Leaky Oil Pan Gasket

After some time, certain parts of the gasket will dry, crack, and break down. It is a common problem in high-mileage vehicles. When this occurs, be careful with oil leaks. Because your vehicle relies on motor oil day in and day out, you should not drive with insufficient oil levels. Below are some of the other signs that indicate you have a leaky oil gasket:

  • Engine Overheating - Engine oil has cooling properties. But when your car’s oil levels diminish, friction within the engine will increase, leading to overheating.
  • Low Oil on Dipstick - You should check your oil using the dipstick. If the oil levels are out of range on the dipstick, it means you have a leak.
  • Dark Spots Under Your Car - If you notice a dark fluid puddle under your parked car, there’s a high likelihood you have an oil leak caused by a worn gasket.
  • Black Smoke - Sometimes, oil can leak onto the exhaust manifold. As a result, it can cause black smoke to come out of your car.

If you want to avoid engine damage, in the long run, we highly advise that you check your oil levels often and have oil changes performed on time. If you ever need oil pan gasket repairs, please do not hesitate to call or visit the professional team at GermanTech MotorWorks LLC.