What Are Some Common Sunroof/Moonroof Repairs?

Sunroofs and moonroofs are amusing accessories to look for when shopping for a car. If you currently own a vehicle with one, you may not experience any of the problems we discuss (which is great). However, they can be a significant hassle later on in life. Here are five common reasons for sunroof/moonroof repairs:


Leaks are the most common problem among the five we will discuss. Sunroof or moonroof leaks can be a disaster to deal with. It could be due to a drain clog, general wear and tear of its rubber seals, or due to human error (forgetting to close it). Both cases are not as costly to get repaired, but they can cause severe damage to your car's interior if water trickles into important and dangerous spots.

Glass Scratches or Cracks

The glass on sunroofs and moonroofs are created with heavy-duty materials, but it's still glass. If the material is slightly cracked or broken, it will spread and ultimately shatter if it is unfixed. Also, depending on the severity, it can alter the aerodynamics of your car, making it use more fuel.


A common reason for an inoperable sunroof or moonroof is a dead motor, a defective switch, or a broken fuse. It may not be so easy for you to find and fix the fuse, which is why it is best to leave the work to professionals at Germantech MotorWorks LLC. 


Your sunroof can be completely functional, yet the sunroof might still not close all the way. A problem that can cause this is dirt or gunk build-up on the gears within the sunroof. You can diagnose this yourself by removing the glass panel and inspecting the gears. If that is not possible, please take it to our auto repair shop, so our experts can have a look.

Rattling Noise

This problem is the least common of the five. In some cases, a sunroof or moonroof might impulsively rattle without reason. This issue is more annoying than a huge problem. To fix it, you may need to lubricate the dried-out edges. If you oil it and it continues to rattle, there might be a misalignment problem with the sunroof glass. 


If you require sunroof or moonroof repairs in the Louisville, KY, area, please do not hesitate to call or visit Germantech MotorWorks today!