Top 5 Signs That Indicate Worn Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are little pieces attached to each engine cylinder that helps your car start and run. They are called spark plugs because they provide the spark needed to ignite the air and fuel mixture in the engine. As you drive your car day in and day out, these spark plugs can wear out naturally. They can also break down due to the accumulation of engine debris, extreme pressures, and vehicle accidents. To ensure peak performance of your vehicle, please keep an eye out on the signs of aging spark plugs:

Engine Misfires - This may be the most common sign of old spark plugs, and it occurs when the electrodes have worn down.

Weak Acceleration - If your car lags to accelerate, especially at low speeds, this can suggest that the spark plugs are no longer effective, and the engine can't provide you with sufficient power to speed up.

Rough Idling - If you notice loud noises or rumbling when idling, you should have your spark plugs replaced. 

Decreased Fuel Economy - Dying spark plugs can result in excess fuel consumption and increased emissions. So not only will your car be affected, but your wallet and the environment could be hurting with it. Please take your car to a trusted auto repair shop to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Engine Stalling - When spark plugs get broken or overly worn, they can't start your engine. You might be stuck wherever you are.


To dodge engine damage, pricey repairs, or the aggravation of being stranded, you should ask your technician about your spark plugs at your next visit.


If your car is displaying the above warning symptoms, please take your vehicle to the professionals at Germantech Motorworks LLC today.