Top 5 Maintenance Tips For Your BMW

Cars are engineering marvels, with many individual parts that work together to keep them running for years. That is why maintaining your car is critical to ensuring that all of those parts work together, making it more reliable on the road. And when you own a high-end vehicle like a BMW, you want it to run smoothly and last as long as possible:

While cars are generally reliable right away, with some care and attention, you can make your time with your four-wheeled friend as stress-free as possible. So here are our top five tips for keeping your BMW in good working order.

Regular Oil Changes

Oil changes can extend a vehicle's lifespan. This especially applies to BMWs because they also tend to leak oil sometimes. Make sure to keep an eye on the oil levels and refill them accordingly. Also, look out for oil stains on your driveway; they might indicate oil leaking.

Good Battery 

Sufficient power to all the electrical components is vital for good and consistent performance. Batteries are responsible for storing and providing power in your vehicle; therefore, they are constantly used. We advise you to have it checked at least once a month - just to make sure everything is alright.

Clean The Exterior And Interior

Keeping your car clean doesn't only make it look good. Exterior cleaning gets rid of any debris and build-up on the car - especially on the brake and suspension systems. The interior, on the other hand, can get dirt resulting in electronics and buttons malfunctioning. 


Keep an eye on your wheels because they are very important and wear out quickly. If worn tires go unnoticed, they can cause a loss of control and grip. There are certain signs of tire wear that you can look out for, and when spotted, visit a repair shop ASAP.

Warming Up The Engine Before Driving

A widely neglected practice is warming your car before driving - especially if it's cold. It's very simple. Start the car and leave it for 10–15 minutes before driving it. By the time you are in it, everything will be warm and ready for the streets. 

BMW Repairs At GermanTech MotorWorks LLC!

You'll be able to get more out of your BMW by following these maintenance tips. However, you will still need to bring your BMW in for service if there is a problem. Also, things like oil changes, fluids, and mechanical issues aren't really do-it-yourself-friendly, so why not leave it to the professionals at GermanTech MotorWorks LLC? Schedule a visit today and leave the rest to us!