Things to Never Leave in a Hot Car

The heat inside your car can be devastating. Sometimes even in cool weather, the temperature in your car can rise to scorching levels. While you may not understand how your car's temperature gets so high, the heat poses many hazards, sometimes even life-threatening situations. Today, it's common knowledge not to leave children, pets, the elderly, and other valuables in your car.

While these are prone to the risk of heatstrokes and your valuables to thieves, still, there are other things you should not leave inside a hot car. The heat can damage other daily items left behind in your car without considering the impact of high temperatures on them.

With that said, never leave the following things in a hot car.

  • Electronic Gadgets

Your electronics, such as phones and laptops, are battery-powered. These batteries can be easily damaged by excess heating and may even explode. Leaving them in a hot car can cause overheating and damage.

  • Plastic Bottles

The heat in your car can cause plastic bottles to melt or warp. It also presents a favorable ground for bacteria to grow, especially around the opening, which is harmful to your body. Also, the heat can cause the release of dangerous chemicals into the bottle contents, such as Bisphenol A (BPA). This can cause health issues like hormonal imbalances, cancer, and other problem.

  • Medications

Almost all medications must be stored in a cool and dry place or preferably at room temperature. Therefore it's best not to leave them in a hot car. The heat can shorten their shelf-life and trigger unfavorable chemical reactions making them harmful or ineffective.

  • Food Items

Food items, especially groceries and other fresh products, including dairy, chocolates, candy, and drinks, should not be left in a hot car. The fresh food can easily melt and spoil, leaving an odor in your car and breeding ground for bacteria and other germs.

  • Sunscreen and other body care products

Like medications and food products, you should store your body care products such as lotions and sunscreen in a cool place. Leaving such items in a hot car can damage them making them ineffective. It can also cause other chemical reactions that can harm your skin if you use them. Consider leaving them in the glove compartment.

If you must leave such items in your hot car, use cool boxes, padded cases, and other heat-free areas or storage. When damaged, some of these items can spoil your car, like spilled water on your car stereo.

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