Common Reasons for Squeaky Brakes

Your vehicle's brakes are supposed to provide high responsiveness and performance. They should bring the car to a halt silently or with minimal sound, but it becomes a matter of concern if they squeak. Therefore, it is critical to consider a professional brake inspection from an expert auto technician.

Still, squealing brakes isn't always an indication of failing or bad brakes. The sound depends on various factors. It is not uncommon to hear the squealing when you brake at low speeds. Read on to learn about situations that could cause the brakes to screech.

When Stopping

Automakers usually place a metal inside the brake pads to indicate the wear limit. That's why you'll hear the screeching sound when you try to stop your car. The sound comes because of the contact between the metal plate and the rotors. When that happens, it would be best to get the brake pads replaced.

At Low Speeds

Several factors can cause the brakes to squeal at low speeds. For instance, some high-performance brakes or newly installed brakes will squeal at low speeds. Additionally, modern vehicles are fitted with more robust brake materials that deliver squealing sound at the slightest contact with the rotor. Apart from that, the screeching might be caused by a foreign object lodged between the pads and rotors.

Causes of Squealing Brakes

Besides the factors mentioned above, your brakes might release a screeching sound because of the following:

Poor Installation

The use of low-quality parts and poor installation can cause squeaky brakes and other related issues. For instance, failure by the technician to lubricate the brake caliper causes it to stick. The calipers house the brake cylinders that push the pads against the rotors to stop the wheel. Without proper greasing, the calipers stick, causing it to drag as it rubs against the rotors. Eventually, the pads wear, exposing the metal plate that releases the scraping sound.

Modern Brake Materials

Newer vehicle models are heavier because of the extra safety features and upgraded parts. Car manufacturers are continually using metallic and ceramic brake materials to equip the vehicles with enough braking power. The downside to these materials is that they are noisier than their predecessors, but it's nothing to worry about.

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