6 Signs of Starter Failure

It's embarrassing and inconvenient if your car won't start. There are many reasons why a vehicle won't start, and commonly it's an indication of a starter failure. Many factors affect starters, for instance, eroded connections, wiring issues, and your car's battery status. Here are some common signs of a failing starter.


A clicking, grating or humming noise when starting your car may well be the first sign of starter trouble, but not all failing starters are noisy. In general, any abnormal noise should be investigated as it usually predicts trouble.


Both your car's battery and starter need to be functional for the vehicle to start. If you attempt to start your vehicle but only see dashboard lights without a response from the engine, you should check your starter. The illuminated lights indicate that the battery is not the problem.


An overheated starter may smell like smoke, or you may see smoke coming from the engine.

Failure to jumpstart

Jumpstarting a car overcomes a flat battery but will not get the life back in your vehicle if the starter is the issue. If you jumpstarted without avail, then it would be safe to assume that the starter is involved.


Check your car's starter if you suspect that it may be the culprit. A starter with apparent damage or one that is either emitting smoke or drenched in oil should confirm your suspicions.


Check the battery. First, inspect the battery for corrosion, bloating or disconnected cables. A weak or flat battery will also prevent your car from starting.

Check your fuel. If your car is empty or near-empty it will also have trouble starting. It is best to ensure that there is enough fuel in your car at all times.

If both the battery and fuel are correct, there is a high likelihood that the starter is the problem.

In summary, it would be wise to look out for the signs of a failing starter and intervene early to avoid awkward situations. If you need starting or charging system repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!