5 Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has always been a leader in the automotive industry, known for its luxury, performance, and breakthroughs. They've been tapping into making innovative and technologically groundbreaking vehicles since Karl Benz introduced what's considered the first gas-powered car in 1886. We are proud to be able to service these beautiful cars. Today, we will go over some fun facts and highlights that you may or may not know about Mercedes-Benz.

  1. The Name. The Mercedes-Benz name was coined after Mercedes Jellinek, daughter of the automobile entrepreneur, Emil Jellinek who worked with DMG. Her Spanish name translated to "mercy." The company trademarked the name "Mercedes" as early as 1902.
  2. The Logo. We can guarantee that everyone has seen the iconic 3-pointed star in a circle logo before. Gottlieb Daimler created the design of this logo, and it symbolizes the use of Daimler engines on land, at sea, and in the air. Today, the silver star is proudly displayed on every Benz.
  3. Brakes. Mercedes Benz made a statement to be amongst the safest cars on the roads. In 1924, the company became the first automobile maker to put brakes on all four wheels of the vehicle.
  4. Class Distinctions. Mercedes-Benz categorizes its vehicle types with alphabetical "classes". The A class is for compact front-driving vehicles, while the B class is known for its powerful engine. C and E have larger bodies and are higher in the price range. If you are looking for a sedan, then you should search for one in the S Class. The G and M classes are SUVs, and the SL is a sports model.
  5. Hand Built Cars. Mercedes Benz has a 'one man, one engine' approach when it comes to manufacturing. Their manufacturing plant is located in Affalterbach, Germany, and each automobile is hand-built and hand-tuned by a single engineer there.

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