5 Signs You Need New Brake Pads

The brake pads play a major role in the brake system. When you press the brake pedal, it makes contact with the rotors, resulting in deceleration. They are also one of the components responsible for your safety, which makes them that much more important. That's why we have made a list of the five most noticeable signs of worn-out brake pads.

1. Car Vibrates While Using The Brakes

A clear sign of worn-out brake pads is vibrating while pressing the brake pedal. The shakiness is caused by either uneven wear or metal-to-metal contact. When the brake pad material wears off, the metal underneath is exposed. Make sure to take advantage of this obvious sign and visit a mechanic ASAP.

2. Loud Sound While Braking

Wild and loud sounds while braking could be related to the brake pads. Either they have completely worn out, or the wear indicator is being activated. The wear indicator can get activated by the rotors coming in contact with it when the brake pads wear out to a certain point. 

3. The Brake Pad Light Is On

Another obvious sign of worn-out brake pads is the brake pad light turning on. It resembles a hollow circle with lines on the sides. We advise you to take notice and act before it is too late.

4. Car Pulls To One Side

If your car pulls to one side when using the brakes, make sure to visit a repair shop. This can be caused by unevenly worn-out brake pads or even bent rotors, which makes handling difficult.

5. Braking Feels Weird

If your brake pedal feels strange or braking, in general, takes more time, your brake pads are most likely worn out. If you only notice a problem with the brake pedal, it can be either extremely worn-out brake pads or a leak in the brake lines.

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